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Art from Ithra’s collection
The Art of Color and Play

Art from Ithra’s collection

Art from Ithra’s collection
By Rym Al-Ghazal
December 20th, 2020
Titled ‘Feet Ball’ by Haddan Hajjaj. 2006. Metallic Lambda print on wood frame with objects, 62X82cm. In this photograph, four feet wearing brightly colored slippers jostle for control of a football. There is a ‘swoosh’ logo of a universally recognized sports brand. This inventive fusion combines local tradition with a commentary on the power of branding in global capitalism. The piece is framed by a mosaic of 62 colored plastic children’s building blocks printed with Arabic letters, numbers and mathematical symbols.
‘Al-Khobar’ Skateboard Decks by Yusef Alahmad. 2014. The artist printed Al-Khobar, the name of the city he is from, onto a skateboard, combining elements of art and design. By using such a potent symbol of youth culture and printing these Arabic letters onto it, he simultaneously establishes his roots while commenting on his place in a modern, globalized world.
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