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Creative children

Creative children

Creative children

An excerpt from artwork by Dia Aziz Dia.

By Nora Al-Taha
December 20th, 2020
It is never too early to pursue your passions. A writer, an artist and a poet—three talented Saudi youth that inspire us as they pursue their dreams.
Ritaj Al-Hazmi The writer

Every aspiring writer understands how daunting it is to write a novel. As a nominee into the Guinness Book of World Records, Ritaj is an 11-year-old writer who has published two novels and has three in the works. A literary inspiration, Ritaj is a young author who proves you are never too young to pursue the world of words.

Wudd Al-G hanem The artist

When she was five years old, Wudd held her paintbrush and began coloring her life with vivid hues. At 12 years old, Wudd is leaping into the art world and already accumulating praise. Her painting chosen and displayed by UNESCO for UNESCO’s Little Artists has allowed her to shine as an artist and 

Ibrahim Al-Kuraya The poet

Adolescents bring a plethora of surprises; Ibrahim has conceived a masterpiece. At 16 years old, his poetry book titled Japarabian Verses: A Collection holds great depth in emotion, strictly utilizing the traditional Japanese Haiku. Through his extensive learning, Ibrahim wrote a poetry book influenced by Japanese poetry forms. His work has been praised by the Ambassador to Japan in Saudi Arabia, Tsukasa Uemura.

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