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Connections & Conversations
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Connections & Conversations

Connections & Conversations

Ras Tanura. March, 1958. 
Television sets and radio were and remain one of the ways that stories are told and retold, passing on knowledge from one generation and culture to another. 
Here, we see that radio and TV sets are among the modern appliances available in shops at Rahimah, Ras Tanura. We see Mrs. Thomas Blake and her son Bobby shopping. Rahimah, Ras Tanura. Courtesy of Aramco Archives.

By Rym Al-Ghazal
December 14th, 2023

There is nothing like getting to know other cultures over a hot beverage like coffee. The Arabic version of coffee was inscribed on UNESCO’sintangible cultural heritage list as “an important aspect of hospitality in Arab societies and is considered a ceremonial act of generosity”.
Often, people sit inside a ‘majlis’ — meaning “a place to sit” — while drinking this wonderful aromatic drink. The majlis, which plays an important role in the transfer of oral history and heritage, together with coffee, was also inscribed in 2015 on UNESCO’s list, and both have not only survived the test of time, but have evolved over the years into one of the most cherished and important drinks and rooms in most households around the Gulf and greater Arab region.
From traditional cuisines and unique dances to the art of molding and weaving cultural stories in different crafts, there are endless ways to celebrate intangible heritage by keeping it alive and relevant.
Here we share our latest Aramco rarities and travel back in time through Aramco’s collection of old photos. These show communities sharing their stories through costumes, respect for traditional customs, re-enactments and performances, falconry, and even just the simple act of sitting together and finding out more about each other. 

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