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Celebrating our gardens
From the Archives

Celebrating our gardens

Celebrating our gardens

Rarities from the Aramco Archives

By Rym Al-Ghazal
October 15th, 2020
Dhahran. July, 1954

Gardens are more than just beautiful additions to a home, they are the place where nature plays out its art of life, and connections are made between each other. We feature here how gardens are a home for many wonderful beings, such as this beautiful bird house in the midst of a garden that gives birds shade and shelter, and how a gathering of a flock of geese, between three to four hundred, can feed and relax in the cultivated fields of date palms.

Rarities from the Aramco Archives.

A different kind of lushness, where we see a fruit garden at the back of a government house, and a gathering of  friends and committee members (Mrs. R.L. Lebkicher, Mrs. Tom Garrity, Mrs. J.C. Stirton) who look over the final plans for an upcoming flower show.

Al-Kharj. July, 1956.
Dhahran. March, 1954.
Jeddah, 1950.
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