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Source of Light
Ithra Curiosities

Source of Light

Source of Light

Ithra’s Source of Light sculpture.

By Rym Al-Ghazal
August 23rd, 2020

At the heart of Ithra’s Plaza is a monumental sculpture by Turin-based artist Giuseppe Penone, entitled “Source of Light,” celebrating the history, creativity and energy that is at the core of Ithra’s story.

This impressive sculpture connects the earth below to the sky above, forming a symbolic link between these two sources of life and energy. The 90-foot tall artwork consists of three towering bronze trees that “grow” from the base of “the Source”— the symbolic location of the ‘Prosperity Well.’ It was also known as Well No.7, Saudi Arabia’s first commercial oil well.

The three parts of the tree are supported by the branches of a fourth larger tree, which is divided into hollow sections, forming a telescope-like viewing space that projects up towards the sky and appears to levitate above the pool at its base. 

This central tree, made of stainless steel, creates an open interior space and golden shaft of light for visitors gazing upward. This masterpiece gives a whole new artistic meaning to the expression: look towards the light.

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