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Poetic Pauses
Poetic Pauses

Poetic Pauses

Poetic Pauses
By Rym Al-Ghazal
May 12th, 2021
Stereotypes can strip people of their complex true stories

the stories they carry within their histories. So take a moment and reflect over your own story, and how much of it has been influenced by beliefs held by others who came before you

Library Under My Skin

“I feel the words pouring 
Pouring from the pages 
Pages contained in a library 
A library under my skin 
Skin that is softening 
Softening under the water flowing 
Flowing over stories, washing 
Washing away the ink 
Ink that seemed so permanent 
Permanent only as chalk 
Chalk that fills pages 
Pages of pain and pleasure deprived 
Pieces of hopes and dreams scattered 
Scattered over volumes hidden 
Hidden volumes of untold tales 
Tales of longings unfulfilled 
Unfulfilled potential, unheard voices 
Voices of the voiceless women arise 
Arise in my fingers 
Fingers caressing the cheeks 
Cheeks of voiceless grandmothers, aunts, second wives…” 

By the poet Latifa Nur

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