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Stereotypical crafts low quality expectations

Stereotypical crafts low quality expectations

Stereotypical crafts low quality expectations

Traditional crafts from The Art of Heritage collection.

By Somaya Badr
May 12th, 2021

There is a terrible stereotype associated with national heritage handicrafts, that somehow they are generally low quality and out of fashion. There is a perception that unless you wear something by an international brand, it won’t be as great. What many are not aware of, is that some of the international brands that they support and wear were influenced by world heritage styles and crafts, including our own. In today’s highly technical societies where mass production provides an unending supply of identical

products, there is a genuine pleasure in creating something that is ‘one of a kind.’ International markets recognize the high value of handmade crafts and the uniquely long-standing tradition of arts and crafts. They appreciate this field and support it. Only recently have we here, in Saudi Arabia, started to understand that the arts and crafts of today could become future antiques, therefore the value of handmade elements today will just increase in value in time. Many of us do appreciate the handmade crafts because

Stereotypical crafts low quality expectations

there is an emotional connection with our roots. They remind us of our grandparents’ house and the love and the warmth we felt whenever we visited them. The old traditional crafts are a connection to our golden memories. When we visualize the time and effort behind each handmade piece, we understand how precious this piece is.

Unfortunately, some traditional crafts have already disappeared due to the lack of demand for them. So I leave you with a question now, do you still believe handicrafts are of low quality and beauty? 

Written by Special Contributor Somaya Badr, CEO of Art of Heritage and Art of Heritage Cultural Trust.

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