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An exquisite piece by the renowned Saudi artist Abdullah Al-Shalty.

By Rym Al-Ghazal
September 23rd, 2020

As Saudi Arabia celebrates its 90th National Day, we at Ithraeyat celebrate the essence of belonging, unity, identity, the land and its people, elements at the core of the very definition of ‘Nation.’ A nation, a country, is a home and a source of citizenship, pride and patriotism. 

For some, there are multiple homes, citizenships and identities. Especially in the era of globalization and virtuality, the concept of home becomes blurred as everything appears close and on screen. But nonetheless, with the appearance of a homeland’s flag, its anthem, and hearing one’s mother tongue,

a certain tug at the heart occurs and reminds us all of that ‘place.’ In this issue of Ithraeyat, we pay homage to Nation. We explore its art, its symbols, its music, and the Saudi figures from history and the many who played a role in the foundation of such a vibrant, multifaceted nation. On the cover, we feature an exquisite piece by the renowned Saudi artist Abdullah Al-Shalty who invites us to look closely at his unique style of art, an art that slowly reveals itself to capture the heartbeat of a nation. We see the Saudi green flag rising from the sands, held by the hands of many, who together, in their diversity and unity, form the pride of a nation.

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