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The Art of Digital
The Art of Digital

The Art of Digital

The Art of Digital

‘RCOVERY UNCERTAIN MEMORY Corrupted Files Series_file3690,’ by Arif Al-Nomay. 2014. Materials: Print On Paper. Size 102 x 152. Courtesy the artist and Hafez Gallery.

By Rym Al-Ghazal
January 21st, 2021
In its support of the ever evolving digital art

Ithraeyat magazine will feature a special section dedicated to the various forms of Typography, providing a one of a kind expressive platform for Saudi and international digital artists. Here, the artists will debut their unique experimental creations in relation to the themes in all its diversity and imagination, pushing boundaries and inspiring conversations.

"From the Street"

Was written in a quick folk-style medium-orange to express the strength of the voice of this art. Street art are an important tool of expression and influence, so the fine details were added to change the meaning of the signs in this work as a sign of the desire to change the norm. Artist & Designer: Asma Yasser.

Artist & Designer: Asma Yasser
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