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Discover five books to travel through
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Discover five books to travel through

Discover five books to travel through
By Rym Al-Ghazal
November 20th, 2020
Reading is often the best substitute for travel.

Through the pages, stories take us to faraway lands and magical places. These five books will give you insight into lively travels and historical experiences from across the Arabian Peninsula.

The Visit

A collection of rare photographs taken by Princess Alice, Countess of Athlon's visit to Saudi Arabia, published by the King Abdulaziz Public Library. She is the first member of the British royal family to visit the Kingdom, who traveled across the country with her husband, the Earl of Athlone.

By Dr. Shafi Aldamer, translated by Dr. Richard Mortel.
Mission to the Volga

Dive into a world of diversity and enchanting accounts by Ahmad ibn Fadlan's adventures during the Abbasid Empire. Mission to the Volga includes his vibrant writings on Baghdad's travels to the upper Volga River, today's central Russia. A remarkable travelogue, including a thrilling ship burial and a rare description of the Viking Rus, including their customs, clothing, and their body painting.

By Ahmad ibn Fadlan, translated by James Montgomery.
The Travels of Ibn Battuta

The 1950s saw the rise of Egyptian comics powerhouses such as Sindibad and Samir. When Sindibad launched in 1952, it had some local stories, but it also incorporated stories about “Farfour and Basbous,” clearly modeled on Tom & Jerry. Samir took comics art further: they boasted a variety of innovative styles and made use of colloquial language. In Samir, local Juha stories 

-the “wise fool” of Arabic folklore 
-shared space with adapted Tintin.

By Ibn Batutta, edited by Tim Mackintosh-Smith.
Arabian Sands

Ibn Batutta traveled vastly across lands—from Morocco to Makkah and India to China. In his book, The Travels of Ibn Battuta (known initially as Rihla), he notes his journeys and the tribulations he faced.

By Wilfred Thesiger.
Sinbad the Sailor

Arabian Sands recounts Wilfred Thesiger's (also known by his Arabian nickname Mubarak bin London) experiences across the Empty Quarter and many other tales. The book focuses on the changed Bedu way of life after World War Two and other Arabian Peninsula inhabitants.

By Phil Masters.
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